About us

Skin Made Simple Brand Story

Welcome to Skin Made Simple – the single solution to beautiful and healthy skin the simple way.

Our 21st century lifestyles demand convenience. Our busy schedules mean we no longer have the time and energy we might want to have to put into our skincare routine. Skin Made Simple offers a solution – hard working products that deliver results without the time commitment. Products that work hard shouldn’t require a lot of time or skill to use.

With the Skin Made Simple range, you can achieve the results you desire, in as little as five minutes a day.

Skin Made Simple was created by Dermatology Physician Associate Jessy Ayala MS, PA-C. Jessy sees great skin health as an essential aspect of our lives, and something that all of us should be able to achieve. As a fully licensed and certified clinician, who practices with guidance from professional Dermatologists, Jessy believes that when your skin looks good, you feel confident and ready to take on the day.

Jessy is passionate about skincare and educating others – earlier in 2017 Jessy took on a humanitarian mission to Kenya, Africa – as part of his partnership with the METOWE foundation  to provide skincare and dermatology access to the local communities. As part of the Skin of Color Society, Jessy specializes in dermatology in darker skin types, spending much of his spare time helping to educate people with darker skin to help them learn how best to care for their skin type.

In addition, Jessy is the Director of Clinical Operations for the West Derm Center, a Dermatology group with 6 offices and counting. He also serves as a mentor for Physician Assistant Students (PA-S) for Marist, Touro and Well Cornell College of Medicine for the Physician Assistant Programs.

Jessy has committed his life’s work to helping others surrounding skincare and Dermatology, and Skin Made Simple is just another way in which he helps people work towards healthy skin that they feel confident in.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to protect your skin by addressing various concerns, including acne, premature aging, dryness, redness. We believe that when your skin looks great, you feel confident and ready to take on the day. We all have the right to care for and nourish our skin, and that starts with high quality products packed full of skin loving ingredients.

In addition, we work to educate all, providing vital information to protect and care for your skin. Looking after your skin is equally as important as providing your body with fuel or rest – the skin is the biggest organ in the body and requires daily care to keep it healthy and protect it from harm.

Our mission is to aid the world with the tools and the knowledge that we all require, to provide our skin with the care that it needs.