If you are like most people you probably don’t think to look to your primary care physician for cosmetic/aesthetic issues..... but if you are a patient at Bethany Medical or just want great skin and to look beautiful; Look no further. Jessy Ayala is excellent. I first starting coming to Bethany medical for my general health needs and soon discovered a hidden secret with aesthetic medicine. I’ve never been one to take any pills and was anti topical medicine not to mention injectables. I never my considered my breakouts to be acne because they were only a few at a time but ultimately my skin effected my self image. All has changed since I met Jessy a Physician Assistant and the head of aesthetic medicine at Bethany Medical. Jessy got me on a great basic skin regimen and now my skin has never looked better. Thanks JESSY! Like most women in their 30s you begin to see changes and consider aesthetic medicine ( Laser therapy, Botox, Dysport, and fillers) to help. If you are anything like me; you want a natural look from someone with extensive experience who you can trust.... Look no further. Jessy Ayala at Bethany Medical is my first choice and he has since acquired my closest friends as his patients as well.
— M. C.
My face was not for the faint of heart. Dealing with extremely bad cystic acne, I was sure that I was doomed for the long run. Jessy Ayala proved me wrong. With extensive action, care, and time, he worked with me to help change the course of my face. He cares about his patients on a level that you don’t receive from most providers these days. Easy to talk to, professional, knowledgable, and determined, Jessy Ayala really changed my life for the better. Anyone dealing with skin related issues of any kind Jessy Ayala comes highly recommended, and he also has experience with aesthetic procedures too such as laser therapy, injectables, peels, etc).
— Simone L.
I take reading and writing my reviews very seriously. It is with sincere intentions that future clients understand the quality of services provided by the derm dept at Bethany. Jessy Ayala PA, was so competent and amazingly talented it is a joy to behold. I did go in for some cosmetic procedures of which I am thrilled and I dare say looking just fab, Jessy also noticed a minor skin condition and was forthright with a very easy solution. I am hooked and grateful. I shhhh am in the aesthiques business but choose to and will continue to only use Jessy. I heard from others that all the practicioners at Bethany are amazing. I think I just found a one stop shopping for all my medical and skin needs. Love it
— Julie M
I highly recommend Jessy Ayala for cosmetic injectables, especially around the delicate under-eye area and “apples” of the cheeks. He is extremely professional, well spoken, thoughtful, and artistic. He listened intently to my areas of concern and offered methods that would subtly yet effectively rejuvenate my trouble areas. I am thrilled with the results and have recommended him to my mother and girlfriends; I trust his skills and expertise to those closest to me.
— Margeaux U.
I’ve been seeing Jessy since I moved to New York 3 years ago. He helped me deal with adult acne that I had been struggling with for years. I’ve never met a PA or doctor who took so much time with me and answered all of my questions and emails. It took some time, but FINALLY my stubborn cystic acne is gone! Thanks to him, I can now move on to an anti-aging regimen!
— H. Smart